My Trip to Ibiza (Cafe)

Nestled in a little corner of Downtown Frederick there’s a piece of food heaven for any wondering soul to find, Ibiza Cafe. This quaint cafe opened about three months ago. I think I stumbled upon Frederick’s newest and best-kept secret, and I am so glad I did.

The gorgeous patio

A small white building is home to amazing pastries, sandwiches, ethically sourced coffees, teas, and cookies galore. From the beautifully tiled flooring to the friendly service and amazing food, there’s something for everyone here.

I chose to sit outside on their gorgeous patio. I’m a sucker for french bistro seating. Flower beds and awnings surround the space. I felt like I was transported to another corner of the world, soaking up the fall sun and enjoying some much-needed me-time.

I decided to get a few pastries, a sandwich, and an afternoon tea. While the menu isn’t extensive, there are still a decent amount of options to choose from, especially in the coffee and tea department. The coffee is ethically sourced and either poured over or siphoned (I wish I got to see that). From single-origin coffee to espresso, and their infamous Ibiza on the Rocks, it’s a must-try. For tea lovers (myself included), they have loose teas, and fancy bubble teas (this caught my attention).

Whipped Assam Tea with Mango Purée

I ordered the Whipped Assam with Mango, described as a complex malty sweet Assam tea with mango puree and whipped cream. It’s the most photogenic drink I’ve ever consumed. Absolutely delicious. I’d never had Assam tea prior but I’m writing this wishing I had more. A must-try and Mk’s Plate approved.

Sanme Sandwich

Continuing my Ibiza Cafe extravaganza, I got the Sanme Sandwich, a sandwich on a croissant (say no more) with egg, provolone, and muenster cheese. Those who know me know that I love croissant sandwiches. Buttery, crispy, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth sandwich perfection- I feel pretty strongly about this sandwich. It came with a side salad and fruit. A perfect balanced plate, lord knows I need more greens in my diet. Not to sound repetitive but it’s a must-try. 

Almond Croissant

This wouldn’t be a complete MK’s Plate review if I didn’t try the pastries or desserts. Seriously. I NEVER skimp on the sweets. When I say I have a sweet tooth, I truly mean 32 of them. Their pastries are ever-changing but I was able to snag a delicious almond croissant (I told you. I love croissants) and a butter sugar cookie. I need to come back to try the rest, it was THAT good, but you already knew that. 

Butter Cookie

Ibiza Cafe had a piece of my heart from first bite. I will be back to try the waffles (the owner told me they were his favorite) and the coffee. I’m also coercing my friends to come with me because they need to love this place too. 

Tastebuds, if you visit Ibiza Cafe you will NOT be disappointed. I think they may have another regular on their hands.

Until next time,

MK 🌶.

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