About MK’s Plate

Hi Tastebuds! My name is MK and I am the mastermind behind MK’s Plates. The idea came to me quite vividly during a carb fueled nap and a few hours later, MK’s Plate was born. A self proclaimed foodie, I love learning how to cook, going out to eat and exploring my sense of self with food. Food has always been a quintessential part of my life.

My Grammy & Grandpa both were some of the best cooks I knew. My Grammy cooked, my Grandpa baked. Needless to say when the whole family got together we didn’t leave hungry (or unhappy). Part of the logo (the rooster) was created to honor their legacy… it’s also why I have a rooster tattoo on my wrist. My Grammy loved to collect kitschy rooster kitchen things, I remember it so well. Her kitchen was completely filled with cute rooster clocks, plates, pictures- I loved it. My Grandpa used to call me Miss Mary Katy Bird, a name i will fondly think of often. His baking was always something my family cherished. From his famous corn bread to his gooey butter cake, I never had a bite I didn’t salivate over.

I’ve learned how food can heal. September 2019 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. It has been the hardest journey of my 24 years of life, but I am healing every day, and food has helped me heal in so many ways.

I started this food blog as a way to rate restaurants, and I never thought it would turn into something much more. You’ll find recipes, restaurant guides, ratings and much more.

Tastebuds, let’s take a journey. Welcome to MK’s Plate

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